About that $813 Million…

There is much rejoicing in the transit blogosphere about the $813M federal grant to fund University Link. Just to put that in context, it’s worth noting that we’ve known about the grant for years. The first $100M installment came in July.

It was originally $700M, then became $750M, and I guess they’ve managed to wrangle an additional $63M on top of that, perhaps due to increased project costs, inflation, or simply increased need. It also received the FTA’s highest rating, and of course there’s the whole Patty Murray thing.

Anyway, U-link is a solid project, and it’s great that the numbers have been finalized, but the basic financial contours of the project remain about the same: $1.9B in total costs, about half of which will come from the Feds.

5 responses to “About that $813 Million…”

  1. Gordon

    I remember that UW didn’t want LINK to tunnel under the university because the scientist types were concerned about vibrations effecting their experiments …

    this makes some sense although I believe it to be overstated … however I am wondering why the ROW isn’t going under University Way.

    University Way should be far enough away from the main buildings of the university … isn’t it? It would seem that the line would have a greater catch-basin running down under the street than it would at Husky Stadium which is kinda far down the hill.

    On top of that … it would negate the need for the 71/72/73 busses. (Or will they be going extinct anyway?)

  2. alexjonlin

    That 100 million was part of the President’s proposed budget for next year. Sound Transit in no way received it.

  3. serial catowner

    The University didn’t want the line near their High Energy Physics Lab because…they do stuff like measure the different speeds of time. As it turns out, if your instruments are sensitive enough, you can measure the different rate at which time passes on the surface of the earth compared to the bottom of a very deep mineshaft.

    The lab is about a block east of the University Bridge.

  4. Frank

    Right, and they haven’t received the full $813M, either. My point is simply that it’s the same money. They’re just doling it out in pieces, as needed, but it’s the same U-link grant.

    Sorry, I could have been clearer about that.

  5. joshuadf

    There will be a station at 45th and Brooklyn, with entrances on the Ave. The alternative to Husky Stadium was at 15th and Pacific, which is about a 10 minute walk from the Ave, also downhill.