Some Perspective

Tons of annual CO2 emitted due to RTID projects, according to Sightline: 300,000

(15 million divided by 50 years)

Tons of annual CO2 emitted from India, the U.S. and China’s new coal-fired power plants: 2.7 billion

These are worst-case scenarios. I tried to make a chart in Excel, but the RTID emissions are so small, they don’t even show up:


Just something to keep in mind.

6 responses to “Some Perspective”

  1. scotto

    I was sooo psyched to vote YES on Prop 1 but after seeing this, I am depressed and have to vote NO.

    I made a bar graph with the projected Sound Transit trips next to all the car trips in the US and China — I couldn’t even see the train trips, and I used my fattest crayon!

  2. Frank

    thanks for the sarcasm, scotto, much obliged. :)

  3. scotto

    I’m being serious. I’m using exactly the same logic as with the C02 bar graph. Accept one, and you must accept the other.

    But perhaps, the logic is bad and they are both transparently flawed arguments?

  4. Frank

    Okay, well, then I just don’t understand what you’re talking about. If your point is that the CO2 emissions for RTID and Sound Transit are both inconsequential in the grand scheme of things, then yes, I agree with both sentiments.

    But that’s an argument FOR Prop 1, no?

  5. scotto

    You know what “per-capita” means, don’t you?

    Your bar graph compares the global warming pollution added by the passage Prop 1 — which will be produced by a subset of three counties of one middling state of the US — to the global warming pollution produced by about a third of the planet. If you insist on this ridiculous comparison, then a respectable analysis would require that the _benefits_ of Prop 1 also be evaluated after being spread over a third of the planet. Here, “benefits” are train rides for people who really like trains, because as we know, there are no C02 benefits for Prop 1.

    Prop 1 will make global warming worse.

    You’re saying that there’s no need for us to be responsible. There’s no need to exercise discipline and to avoid dumping tens of millions of extra tons of C02 into the atmosphere because the rest of the world will dump hundreds of millions. Because you fail to divide by population, you’re saying that it’s just fine for you, as an American citizen, to emit about ten times as much C02 as the average Chinese. In fact, you’re saying that it’s just fine to keep getting worse, to vote enthusiastically for Prop 1 which, by the PSRC’s own estimates, will INCREASE driving by 45% — at a time when you know that we need to DECREASE our greenhouse gas emissions by at least 80%.

    That’s not just dumb, it’s wrong.

  6. Frank

    Yes, yes, I know what per-capita means. And yes, the graph is far from perfect. But if you think voting “No” is going to stop these roads from getting built, you’re in for a surprise.